go ahead, make my day

Sure, the uber-cool Clint might’ve said those words with a gun in his hand.  Me?  I say it with a squeal utterly lacking in cool.

If you were my upstairs neighbor and ever wondered what it is exactly that sets the dogs to barking– it would be the sound I make when the latest magic rolls in from the post office.  Because, if I had to write up the specs of this job I do, one of the perks would definitely be the mail we receive.

People?  You need to know you make my day– even when it’s mailed to Lauren (as it rightly should be) since her desk faces mine and I’m always like “lemme see, lemme see!”

The last spots in our September session are filling up so sweetly– one lovely spirit after the next– and sometimes the beauty of what crosses our desks must be shared with a larger audience– it simply must.  Case in point:  photos here are of the registration we received from JULIA PROHASKA.

The pics can’t capture the whole thing because we had to not share address and personal info and hello, a registration is pretty much made up of personal info– but this reggie– oh my word— button-topped paper swirls, beautiful ribbons, calligraphy and a detachable washi tape banner for Lauren to hang in her office space.

Obviously, this is all delicious because there is so much care and artfulness put into this piece– but what gets me, right in the center of my heart, is that this is art and creativity for no purpose except that it feels good.  It’s not a product for a client or for sale– it’s a plain old administrative task taken to the highest level– for the sheer joy of making something beautiful and having fun.

:: sigh ::

And, that’s what it’s all about for me– really.  Creativity in our daily lives— having fun, making the small meaningful and not putting off the chance to be expressive to some very (VERY!) big (so BIG) important day in the future.

Why not today? 

Why not how we slice and arrange the vegetables– how we mix and match jewelry– how we answer a phone call– how we write a memo — how we fold the laundry– how we fill out a form?

We hung the banner on the door behind Lauren’s desk.

She gets to sit under it and feel its magic behind her– I get to look over her head and see it smiling at me each and every day.

bisous, e

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