2023 :: the year ahead

Another year rolls out wrapped in promise and mystery. Let us hope for more light and less conflict, more vibrant health and fewer hardships. In an effort to sway the year toward experiences of joy, connection and community, we’ve got two retreats on hand for you.

Take a look—perhaps there is something there that calls to you.

above left: Elizabeth Duvivier + Tailinh Agoyo
on right: Tiffany LaTrice


In 2023, we have two FULL scholarships available.

If you need a boost to make attending one of our gatherings in 2023, you are welcome to send us an email requesting to receive one of the two full scholarships we have available.

  1. Send to: hello@squamartworkshops.com
  2. Be SURE to put 2023 SCHOLARSHIP in the subject line.
  3. Share with us a short paragraph about yourself and which retreat you wish to attend.
  4. We will review ALL submissions, but depending on the volume we may not be able to respond personally to each one.
  5. These will be administered by Tailinh Agoyo, co-founder and director of We Are the Seeds of CultureTrust and Tiffany LaTrice, founder and executive director of TILA Studios.
  6. If you are chosen to receive the scholarship, you will be notified by email on/or before January 20, 2023. Your identity will be kept private and we will make no public announcements—you of course, are free to share.
  7. Before applying, please be sure to check the dates carefully and any travel expenses you might incur (this scholarship does not cover travel) to make sure that you have the time and means to attend.
  8. Applications must be received before 12 noon EST January 15, 2023.

Everyone in the photo above traveled from Australia to Squam!
Think big. Anything is possible.

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