Intentional Botanical

Taught by:

Isa Down


Thursday June 3rd
Friday June 4th

Experience level: All Levels

Most of us reach for our phone when we want to capture a beautiful blossom or the way sunlight hits a cluster of fallen acorns. Another way to explore that inspiring image is with ink and watercolor. The world around us is filled with beauty and when we slow down enough to make marks in our own way, following the prompts of what it is we are feeling and experiencing, our ability to see deeply into nature expands tenfold.

The morning will begin with a few minutes walking about in the glorious woods at the edge of the lake.  We will return to the classroom with some kind of natural item that has inspired you – perhaps a stone, pinecone, or flower. Then, I will guide you through the process I use which is a series of prompts to help you express on paper how the piece makes you feel.

We will be working with ink and watercolor which means playing with the wonderful contrast between the sharp lines of ink and the paint’s diaphnous colors. This workshop is all about play and experimentation, but there will also be time to explore the variations you can create using traditional ink and watercolor techniques.

Best of all, what you may find is that the elements of nature you choose for you artwork often operate as a direct call to your inner artist to come out and have fun and get messy!

No experience is required but it is recommended that students come with some sense of how to draw as well as an open heart willing to explore.

Kit fee: 10 USD


CLICK HERE for downloadable Materials PDF.