Isa Down

Hello, I am Isa Down (pronounced like “Lisa” without the L).

I am a creator of beauty, a cultivator of joy, and conjurer of abundance.  I believe in magic & intuition.  I love to dance in the rain.  I live and breathe nature as much as I can.

I am a mother. An artist. A painter. A writer. A creative. A friend, sister, daughter, teacher, author, business owner, and registered nurse.  I’m a real-life living and breathing INFJ, a Cancer, an 8, an extroverted introvert and a recovering perfectionist. I am always incredibly satisfied when I complete home-improvement projects on my own.  I grew up equally in Canada and Colorado, and can’t decide where I’m really from.

Inking Florals, my first book, comes out May, 2020. I love being able to help people connect with their inner artist and trust this book will expand that work out into the world as a key motivation in my life is to create true connection and community.

And, I am so incredibly grateful that you are here, my friend. If you’d like to hear more, please follow my podcast: @gatherhomecreatives.