Sacred Journey


Thursday June 7th
Friday June 8th -- OPEN

Experience level: All Levels

“When you have found the center within yourself that is the counterpart of the sacred space, you do not have to go into the forest. You can have a technique for extracting your own repose from that center. You can live from that center, even while you remain in relation to the world.”
The Art of Living, Joseph Campbell

It seems many of our greatest spiritual teachers have a singular and consistent message– that if we want to have the full, joyous experience of our life, we must set aside a sacred space. And, once we have connected with that inner depth, the goal is to keep in touch with it as we navigate the wild moments of exhilaration, the wrenching drops into grief, the long swathes of open road, and of course, the ever present absurdity of this world. Basically, if we can find our still point in the midst of this spinning disco ball of distraction that the world can sometimes feel like, we are golden.

Easier said than done, right?

Perhaps it seems like a daunting challenge, but this class is about reconnecting with that core place and the emphasis will be on play. Yes. As we work through prompts and exercises that awaken our imagination, we will surface what it is we loved to do most when we were young. We will find it and celebrate it and explore ways to bring its vibration to the center of our present life. If this sounds a bit silly, please remember this was exactly the step Carl Jung took to recharge his own soul. If you are not living — right now, today — from your sacred space where you feel to your toes that you are on your path, then something has gotten buried along the way.

“the work of the eyes is now done.
Go now and do the heart-work on
the images imprisoned within you.”
– Rilke

What Tif and Elizabeth are offering in this workshop is an opportunity to retrieve the ease, delight and fun that is always available within. Sometimes all we have to do is take a leap of faith to reconnect with our core energy source and follow its prompts, allowing our life’s journey to radiate with all that makes us come most alive. Be prepared to kick your shoes off, scribble, stitch, paste, giggle, weave and stretch. As you head back to your cottage at the end of class, don’t be surprised if there is a new swagger, saunter or skip in your step and a magical, sacred space opening up from within.


Kit fee: 20 USD


Please bring your favorite pen or pencil to write with. Aside from that, all materials for this class will be provided.