Tif Fussell + Elizabeth Duvivier

Kindred spirits, Tif Fussell and Elizabeth Duvivier are quite thrilled to be able to teach together as they want to extend the camaraderie and fun they have in their friendship to you.

TIF FUSSELL spent many moons and numerous years bringing up her clan in a mossy shed surrounded by critters and pine trees just outside of Seattle.

On any given day she could be found blogging, crafting or writing books under the name of dottie angel. These days Tif is a little wiser and a little older. With children scattered around the globe she rekindled her love for embroidery, using rustic and hand dyed yarns to create ‘woolly tattoos’. When Tif isn’t plotting her next slow stitch, she can be found making tassels and adorning her Makes with them, be it necklaces, blankets or bags. Some days she can be found loitering online under the name curious.and.coe, whilst on other days she just loiters with intent to turn up for life, in whatever shape or form that may happen to be. So in a nutshell, Tif is a woolly tattoo artist, a tassel dabbler of sorts, a critter liker, a spiritual technician in the making and definitely a work-in-progress.




ELIZABETH DUVIVIER began teaching at the Lycee Lavoisier in Paris when she was 19. That was also the year she learned that she loved endives with beets, was allergic to ouzo and how to scale the wall of her apartment building in high heels. Over the years, she has taught French to high schoolers, Creative Writing to college students and how to live a mythic life to people from around the world.

Admittedly, the strongest call in her life has been to help others reconnect with their creativity but after building and running Squam Art Workshops for ten years, she is now keen to spend sacred time writing and messing about with mixed-media. Her stated intention is to achieve this with a complete absence of an agenda, itinerary, playbook, libretto or anything that might resemble a plan.

She finds nothing incongruous about her love for the writing of Mary Oliver and Tom Robbins; Eknath Easwaren and Asterix comics; Edith Wharton and Scarlett Thomas; John O’Donohue and anyone who can make her laugh.

And, she is confident that it is only a matter of time before Durga returns to set the world to right.