Journal Play

Taught by:

Lori Ann Graham


Thursday June 7th CLOSED
Friday June 8th

Experience level: All Levels*

In this class I will be sharing with you a practice I have developed over many years to commemorate a special trip or event with a journal. It began long ago with paper-covered journals and has evolved to the approach I use today. There has been so much written about the benefits of slow stitching — it increases mindfulness and has a meditative quality– but for me it is simply the tactile pleasure of creating a personal heirloom with hand-stitching that brings me back to this project again and again.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the journal with its hand-sewn cover combines some of my most favorite things into one object: travel, photography, journaling and handwork. These sweet books wrap all of that up with ribbon or leather and a button. Your choice. I will provide lots of supplies to choose from as you personalize your cover, but you are welcome to bring any bits and pieces that you may want to use such as ribbons, buttons, leather, patches, etc.

No doubt there are many different ways to record our journeys, but I am delighted to share this approach with you as I find that no two journals are ever the same and it is an adventure to discover how each one will turn out!


Kit fee: 15 USD


CLICK HERE for downloadable Materials PDF.