Tool Time with Terri

Taught by:

Terri Dautcher


Thursday, June 2nd - CLOSED
Friday, June 3rd - CLOSED
Saturday, June 4th - CLOSED

Experience level: All Levels

“. . . only at Squam could I end up in a woodworking class with a teacher
who keeps comparing power tools to sewing machines!”
~ Cal Patch

In this sprawling, design-it-yourself workshop not only will Terri share her fearless approach to making with wood, hardware, leather and fabric, — she will be welcoming you into her studios (the UBER studios of studios–the studios that all other studios in the world dream about) where you will have access to a full wood shop tricked out with all the equipment you could possibly imagine as well as a sewing/crafting studio to knock your socks off.

Perhaps you will be inspired to create a cabinet from
old doors that is designed just to hold thread  🙂 !!!
as Stewart Allen did at our previous gathering
(see her photos below)

Or, maybe you will simply love the chance to explore your imagination and create a three-dimensional object that can be displayed in your studio or home as a consistent reminder of the power of creative play.

Whatever the call of your heart and intention, you will step into the spaciousness of the wood shop, and become comfortable with the tools and learning new techniques for making. Once you’re feeling confident you will begin your own creation, letting all the ideas flow without a time constraint well into the afternoon.

Dive into the details, add embellishment and finishing touches using Terri’s open studios to hunt for the perfect treasures to create the box, shelf, magic pincushion or whatever object you most want to manifest. Perhaps it has a practical purpose, perhaps it is simply for visual delight.

terri_dipAfter your immersive time with Terri, you will have the confidence and skill to build a small shelf unit or to create your own shadow box from salvaged materials, frames, cabinets, old knobs, bits of metal– you name it (and IKEA beware!)– there’s truly no stopping you once you’ve got this new skill set in your arsenal.




*bottom photo by heather classen

Kit fee: 15 USD


All materials are supplied but if you have favorite elements you want to bring along, bring’em along!