MAY2023 Block Print Beauty

Block Print Beauty

Taught by:

Emily Kelley


Thursday, May 18th

Friday, May 19th

Experience level: All levels welcome

“I got into printmaking because art school was intense,
always rushing. But, in the process of printmaking you
cannot rush, you have to be in the moment. Printmaking
allows you to slow down and be meditative.” – Emily Kelley

We are so blessed in this workshop to have EMILY KELLEY, the artist behind Land & She, to be guiding us through the process of creating beautiful block prints.

Emily’s work is rooted in a deep exploration of the natural world which informs both her design and her gentle, mindful approach to making. And, given our setting in the beautiful gardens of terra to mind, there will be no shortage of inspiration for us all as we drop into this class.

ALL your materials will be supplied in your kit which means you simply show up with an open heart and a readiness for adventure into drawing, carving, inking and printing our way into making blocks we can use again and again for prints, cards and textiles.


Kit fee: 30 USD


ALL supplies needed will be provided with your kit fee.

Students will receive:

3 Printmaking Blocks (1 Block 3×4, 1 Block 4×6 and 1 Block 8×10 inches) so they can explore carving at various sizes
Linoleum Carvers (includes 5 blades)
Tracing Paper Sheets
Printmaking Paper

All of these items will be yours to keep so you can continue to make prints when you return home!