MAY2023 Bhakti Banner

Bhakti Banner

Taught by:

Autumn Coe Song


Thursday, May 18th

Friday, May 19th

Experience level: All Levels

Do you have a line from a poem or song that cracks your heart wide open with an indescribable feeling? Perhaps a mantra or word when said over and over internally, takes you to a place of deep calm?

Or maybe you are seeking to discover that one line to transport you to the Divine within, recognizing it to have the ability to unlock something you know to be hidden inside?

Let us spend time together taking precious pieces of language and using newsprint, washi paper, inks, carved stamps, thread and yarn transform words of devotion (bhakti) into banners.

These sacred banners can then be placed in our home or studio to help keep our thoughts focused on what matters most to us.

They will serve as reminders on the days gratitude flows, and perhaps more importantly, on the days we need restoring.

Plus, Autumn will have a host of vintage stamps and especial goodies on hand for you to use in your pieces, so that you can create an heirloom treasure for yourself, or for someone you love.

Kit fee: 20 USD


ALL materials will be supplied.

However, if you have any special pieces of paper or memorabilia you may wish to incorporate into your banner then please bring along with you. And, feel free to have on hand any favorite poems, mantras and/or words that inspire so we have a jumping off point if need be!