Autumn Coe Song

Autumn Coe Song lives on a PNW island, in a turreted temple with her long-time Beloved, an ancient Doglet {who is also beloved} and a Buddha Cat {equally beloved}.

After spending many years online and out in the world, Autumn closed up shop and stepped away to relearn how to play again free from her own expectations.

Nowadays she can be found on any given day sticking & pasting, stamping & hammering or pondering & praying.

Slowing down, listening to her inner guide and reconnecting with the joy of devotion in her making and her life have been nothing short of a miraculous.

Autumn is still a work-in-progress, still a little unsure on some days what it’s all about but thankfully, still a believer that a world filled with love and with handmade is a beautiful world to behold.

*Alas, Milo the cat will
not be at the workshop.