ITM2021 Modern Rice Resist

Modern Rice Resist

Taught by:

Chinatsu Nagamune


Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday

Experience level: All Levels

Perhaps less familiar than Shibori, the ancient technique of Katazome creates a gorgeous textile and offers endless possibilities for pattern making. Traditionally, during the Edo period, Katazome was how many Japanese craftsmen created stencil patterns on cotton textiles– using indigo dye– because it was a relatively inexpensive way to create the feeling of more complex and more costly woven brocades. Today Katazome is very much appreciated as an art form all its own.

Of course, although the materials are readily available, the technique is quite delicate and a careful introduction to the process is extremely helpful.

In this workshop, Chinatsu will guide students through the method she has developed that results in a fresh, modern take on Katazome. Students will explore the process of indigo dyeing using rice resist paste and paper stencils. With Katazome, the rice paste is pushed through the stencil onto fabric and then dipped in an indigo vat.

Students will spend the day dyeing fabrics with different patterns. They are welcome to use Chinatsu’s original stencils or one of their own designs. The fabric pieces that result from this class can be used in a number of ways: patches, mending, or even to create a small wall hanging.



Key skills you will take away from this workshop:

  • How to make the rice resist paste
  • How to design/cut a stencil
  • How to print with the stencil on fabrics
  • How to dip fabrics in an indigo vat to get a range of results

Kit fee: 25 USD


CLICK HERE for downloadable Materials PDF.