FALL2024 Imagination Day Camp

Imagination Day Camp

Taught by:

Ann + Autumn


Thursday, September 5th

Friday, September 6th

Experience level: All levels

There is a universe inside you, mostly unexplored, play is an excellent way in. Play is creative, play helps you listen to yourself and bypass your inner doubt and reasons not to.

Picture this, walking along a forest path among giant pines and oaks you come upon a sign “imagination day camp this way” .  .  .

You follow the sign and arrive in a clearing, and in that clearing is a festooned and twinkling theater.

You enter the theater to be welcomed by a pair of equally festooned and twinkling counselors, a place waiting just for you and a collection of intriguing materials to begin an epic, most extraordinary day of fun and creative adventure.

Autumn and Ann will be your guides for an entire day of spontaneous, imagination sparking fun.

You’ll spend the day working with your guides and fellow campers on individual and collaborative projects designed to bring your personal magic into the world.

We ask only that you bring your curiosity, a notebook and willingness to explore.

All else will appear as if by magic . . .


Kit fee: 20


Bring your curiosity and a notebook. All other materials will be supplied.