FALL2024 Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me


Thursday, September 5th

Friday, September 6th

Experience level: All levels

In this process-based workshop, we are going to get loose and have fun as we hand-stitch together a portrait using a range of fabrics and notions.

Be ready to use many traditional stitches
in new and inventive ways!

A fat quarter of our choice will be the foundation of the portrait but each composition will be different—perhaps we want to do a profile with hair and an earring as the focus. Or maybe, we want to do a favorite pair of boots embellished with rhinestones or a portrait of hands with a beaded bracelet on the wrist—the concept of portrait is open for interpretation.

What we know is that we will be using a rich range of fabrics and a wide assortment of elements to bring our work into being.

And, that it will be a portrait that has special significance for us.

Adana and Muriel will guide us through each step of this process. And, perhaps most importantly, they will help us to keep the joy and fun of creating at the center of our work, as not only are they excellent resources to assist in decisions about which stitches or which fabrics best suit different aspects of the portrait—they also know how to dial into the unique pleasure inherent in working with fabric and thread.

Kit fee: 15


Students need to bring with them:

  • Fat quarter(s)
  • Sewing kit (pins, pincushion, needles, thread, scissors (fabric + paper if you prefer)
  • Some textiles and any fabric scraps that have particular meaning for you

Optional:  Beads, sequins, zipper(s) silk flowers, an old earring, 3D bits you might want to incorporate into your portrait.

In your kit will be double stick adhesive, plus fun elements to inspire you including thread, notions, and assorted fabric scraps