Adana + Muriel Tillman

For Adana and Muriel Tillman, making art from textiles has always been central to family life and we are thrilled they will both be with us to offer a workshop grounded in their love of fabric and thread.

ADANA TILLMAN was born in Akron, Ohio and now works out of Atlanta, Georgia as a fiber/textile artist, with a concentration on figurative depictions. She first began her exploration into the art of
quilting by the instruction of her mother, Muriel, who herself began sewing at an early age.

“In my work I really just want to express
happiness and joy,” says Adana

Adana’s work primarily focuses on the exploration of identity and self-expression of her subjects; it bridges the traditional art of quilting into the modern realm with the use of contemporary fabrics and patterns as well as the exploration of hand sewn techniques. Using a variety of fabrics, Adana creates intricate quilted textile portraiture works. She was awarded the 2019 Garden Fellowship with TILA studios (Atlanta, GA) which provided the opportunity to exhibit during Miami Art week and has completed a residency with Hambidge Creative Arts center (Rabun Gap, Georgia)

Pictured above are Adana (left) and Muriel (right) at Adana’s recent solo show I AM EVERYDAY PEOPLE at the Jonathon Carver Moore Gallery (San Francisco, CA).

MURIEL TILLMAN is an expert sewer and quilter; it was she who instilled Adana with a love of textiles from the time Adana was very young as well as introducing her daughter to embroidery and hand beading.

Muriel’s love of intricate handwork is what propels her interests and inspires her to continue to grow and learn. New or re-imagined embellishment techniques for applique/collage art is integral to the style of quilting Muriel is most satisfied with. She draws innovation from the love of past and present quilting methods. With that being said, she loves to have fun with her craft and “let the beads, embroidery and fabric fly!”