FALL2024 The Art of Knitting

The Art of Knitting

Taught by:

Tif Neilan


Thursday, September 5th

Experience level: Advanced Beginner

We each have different motivations for why we love to handknit garments, but surely chief among them is the desire to express ourself—to create something that reflects our unique sensibilities, our preferences for color and texture. Sure, we can all head to a box store and buy a sweater that is the exact same sweater worn by someone else, but that is a uniform, a mold.

The creative spirit will always seek to put her own spin
on her makes and that is what this class is all about.

Before she began releasing her own knitwear patterns, Tif Neilan was a professional interior designer for fifteen years. Her background in home decor continues to influence her approach to knitting specifically the way she creates interest in a pattern is to add in details such as a herringbone stitch that make the pattern pop. And, of course, her signature color combos.

For Tif, a perfect pattern isn’t complicated to knit, it just delivers an end result that looks as if it were.

However, as many of us know, herringbone can be a challenge. Creating unique color combos that work don’t always come easily. And so, in this class Tif is going to set you up for success. Pairing her two favorite aspects of knitting—herringbone + stranded colorwork—Tif will help you to develop a smooth and successful series of swatches that you will then apply to one of her patterns (your choice).

As if that weren’t enough, this class is sponsored by BROOKLYN TWEED! Every student will receive a 15% off coupon for all the yarn they purchase for this offering.

Kit fee: 12 USD


Kit will include both the sweater and hat pattern.

Students need to bring with them:

  • Yarn for the class.  Ideally, Tif would like you to bring 8-10 tonal / solid colors in DK weight (approx. 25 grams or more of each). Her design will use BT Arbor which has a terrific color range to put a palette together.
  • Or if you are bringing yarn from stash, approximately 100 yards of EACH color to be on the safe side.
  • circular needles in suggested sizes US 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 10.5 and 11 (this is to cover our bases for both stranded colorwork and herringbone stitch gauges depending on if loose or tight knitter) *I recommend interchangeables*
  • Colored pencils and / or markers
  • inspiration photo(s) for developing the colorwork palette. These can be anything that you find inspiring or that you are drawn to.
  • Knitting Kit (scissors, markers, paper, etc)