Tif Neilan

I am a knitwear designer formerly Interior Designer based in New England. I live in CT with my husband, two daughters and two labrador retrievers 🙂 When I am not knitting, I am most often horseback riding or at the barn loving on Lola (my heart-horse).

I come from an Interior Design background (studied Interior Design in college – Bachelor of Science from Drexel University in Philadelphia) and although designing interior spaces is notably different from apparel design, there are also so many similarities! I think that my approach to knitwear design mimics how I also approach designing an interior space in regard to distribution of color, pattern, and texture.

I love the visual interest from textural stitch patterns (such as herringbone – my favorite) and enjoy intermixing those details with something simplistic, to balance the visual. I strive to design patterns that can keep the knitter engaged from start to end, without necessarily being difficult.

My favorite colors are definitely grey and green, but I also really love pinks, rust-orange, yellows and navy blue. I view hand-knitting much like painting. The pattern is your canvas and you are given the opportunity to create the art piece you want! Hand-knitting allows us to express ourselves without words and I think that’s a beautiful thing.