FALL2024 Carve. Print. Magic.

Carve. Print. Magic.

Taught by:

Susana McDonnell


Thursday, September 5th

Friday, September 6th

Experience level: All Levels

Have you ever been inspired by the bold and unique look of handmade, block printed fabric and wished to create your own?

In this class, using a few simple tools, you will explore the intuitive
block printing process to create your very own patterns on fabric.

With Susana as your guide, you will enjoy the complete process of making your own hand-block printed fabric items. Tapping on her wellspring of knowledge and experience, Susanna will lead you through the steps of creating a simple design, transfer and carve it into a rubber block and print it onto fabric.

The beauty of this workshop is that you have the time
and space to create your own beautiful composition.

And, what is especially powerful about this workshop is Susana’s penchant for bold, geometric, designs. Her work stands out with its original use of pattern and color.

Ready to dig in and have some fun with beeeYOUteeful results? Let’s go!


Kit fee: 25 USD


All materials are supplied in your KIT. Students are welcome to bring an apron and, if time allows at the end of class, they can bring extra fabric to do some additional prints.