Vintage Dreams

Taught by:

Colleen Attara


Thursday September 12th

Friday September 13th

Experience level: All Levels

In this workshop, we begin with an old suitcase. We look at the character and wear of each piece and wonder about its travels– who carried it? What were the journeys? Each piece has its own completely personal story and this is what we get to build upon.

Vintage suitcases provide a most fabulous,
untapped canvas for allowing our imaginations
to go a bit freewheeling and take the uncharted path.

Using mixed media, we will transform the suitcase into a dream chest. As the decorating unfolds, we will begin to tell a new story for our piece; where will it travel next? what will it hold? What kinds of secrets, dreams and wishes do we want to tuck inside?

Or perhaps, the question is simply: where will it rest, quietly and happily holding our most treasured belongings?

Textiles, paper ephemera as well as the odd bits and bobs, photo transfers and paint will all be part of the transformation palette. Layer by layer, you will add your unique story to the narrative of the suitcase; weaving threads underneath the fabric to create texture and interest and blending paint and other media on the surface to enrich the outer layers.

With Colleen’s guidance, you will spend the day completely
remaking your piece of luggage, both inside and out.

There is not limit to what you might add— secret pockets inside your piece to hold special trinkets or notes to tuck inside. Creating this treasure chest is an adventure in itself.

Kit fee: 20 USD (without luggage)


CLICK HERE for downloadable Materials PDF.


Squammies needs to bring along with them:
paint brushes
clear packing tape
Two images on printed on a laser printer that they would like to include in their finish piece.
A piece of vintage luggage (I can bring a piece for them, but they would need to email me at colleen@colleenattara.com by 08/01/21)
Kits $20
Kit will include:
Chartpak marker (for photo transfers)
A white gel  pen (my favorite kind)
Gel medium
vintage papers
water soluble paper