Mindful Mending

Taught by:

Karen Stevens


Thursday September 12th

Friday September 13th

Experience level: All Levels

Once upon a time, mending our clothes was a necessity, especially using pieces of well worn garments to extend the life of others.  It’s no wonder, in a society that is more likely to toss away our old objects that repurpose them, that the process of slow stitching is becoming more and more desired: a chance for quiet reflection, a pause in a busy day, and quite often time spent mending on the insides.

In this class we are going to explore ways to bring slow stitching into our day — not only because it might help us give second life to something we are not ready to part with, but also because the very act of stitching is meditative, pleasurable and infinitely creative.

Oh, and dare we say, fun?

Just like handwriting, no two people are going to stitch quite the same way so do not fret. There are no special sewing skills needed. We will be using a basic running stitch and some thread which can turn the most threadbare garments into pieces that are not only functional, but beautiful.


Mended garments represent the passage of time.
Each piece of fabric its own narrative.
Each piece part of an intricately woven story,
part of your story.


Kit fee: 5 USD


CLICK HERE for downloadable Materials PDF.