Five Skein Fade

Taught by:

Tammy White


Thursday September 12th

Friday September 13th

Experience level: All Levels

Natural color is everywhere, whether you are cultivating a dye garden, foraging in field and woodland or collecting onion skins and avocado pits.

Adding pigment to art goes back over 15,000 years and exploring the world of hues that are all around us opens up not just a beautiful and eco-friendly way to dye fiber, but a new way of cultivating patience and seeing possibilities.

This is a natural dyeing class for yarn where you will learn about:

  • deriving color from inexpensive, local-to-you materials, resource swaps, harvesting and storage for off-season dyeing
  • a variety of methods of extraction
  • how to prepare protein fibers for dyeing through gentle treatment for long lasting color
  • setting up & gradient dyeing for a Five Skein Fade
  • Prepare to take away not simply five, gorgeously dyed skeins of flock yarn, but, additionally, an experience rich in the gifts of nature.


Kit fee: 60 USD // 120 USD (see Materials List PDF for details)


CLICK HERE for downloadable Materials PDF.