Tammy White

Tammy White is shepherdess and proprietress of Wing & A Prayer Farm in Shaftsbury, Vermont.

Her fiber flock consists of Alpacas, Angora Goats, and varied breeds of fiber sheep whose fiber she harvests twice a year. It is then processed locally with hand dyes that have been made from natural elements extracted from foraged and farmed materials. 

Tammy offers classes on and off the farm, sharing her rich wealth of knowledge and experience with eager students on topics like:

  • how to get the most from breed specific yarn farming
  • starting your own dye garden
  • sustainable wool dye methods
  • small batch tallow and beeswax soap & salve-making
  • marketing success on a small farm. 

Her passions include tending to her flocks and gardens, leading educational farm tours and baking up a storm in her 4-oven kitchen. 

photo credit Kathy Cadigan