Taught by:

Terri Dautcher


Thursday September 12th

Friday September 13th

Experience level: All Levels

“Joseph Cornell was an unrepentant homebody, a meek, monkish, well-read man who never spent a night away from home.” so says the Royal Academy and yet, the guy loved to play, to put odd things together in ways that made sense to him. Today, of course he is celebrated for his inventive and original art making, but it certainly seems he was someone who had permission to play, explore and create with found objects– something that we are going to dive into in with our whole hearts.

This workshop is the grow-up version of
whimsical, creative play time.

Using wood, fabric, wool, odd bits, quirky elements, woodland finds, and any random object of fabulousness that grabs your fancy.

We will learn how to construct and layer materials in order to create assemblages that tell a story.

Different assembly techniques will be explored, allowing you to leverage ways of making that are already familiar to you, as well as opening the door to new ways of creating.

Terri will share her well honed approach to making by welcoming you into her studio (the UBER studio of studios–the studios that all other studios in the world dream about) which is just down the road from RDC.

Form and function as well as composition will be considered in this class. And, of course, the choice is always yours whether you want to create something functional or simply fabulous.

You may bring small objects that hold meaning to feature in your design, or you can start with a blank page. Idea books, Pinterest boards, and sample projects will be provided to inspire you. Scope of work will also be managed, so that you will leave the class with a finished piece, and plenty of ideas to support the creation of future assemblages.

Kit fee: 10 USD


All materials are provided.