Writing Your Own Myth

Taught by:

Elizabeth Duvivier


Thursday Sep 15
Friday Sep 16

Experience level: All Levels

Creativity. Intuition. Generosity.

These are gifts inherent to the divine feminine. And yet, so often we lose touch with these core elements or worse, they get crushed or twisted so that they do not flow through us as intended. This can cause us to feel stuck, discouraged, frustrated or, at the furthest extreme, so guarded that we can snap at the hand of someone reaching out to help.


In this one-day workshop, we are going to reconnect with each of these vital energies so that you can feel the force and magic of what a creative, intuitive, generous life feels like. You, your life, not anyone else’s– not your parents, friends, siblings, children, co-workers, neighbors– guy at the corner store, you get the idea. We are not going to be distracted by anyone else’s needs.

This time, we are focused on you. On your story. On your myth. Together we are going to breathe new life into it and call in the feelings and experiences you most want to live.

I have long believed that myth is not
merely a bridge from the physical world
to the wild fields of imagination, but
a lens through which our life can be
experienced as the heroic journey that it is.


And the more I spend time teaching and exploring these myths, the more clearly I see how incredibly helpful they can be to anyone seeking a deeper connection with themself and the world around them.

Together we will explore the transformative power and beauty of myth.

In the process, we will better understand how we are living the hero’s journey, right now.

With a bit of focus and intention, we will see how easily we can shape our journey and, through a series of exercises and discussion, it will become absolutely clear that we are the only ones who can.

If this sounds super serious, I promise you, it’s not.

The one thing I am most clear about is that magic and myth are around us all the time. The ordinary is the mystical when we finally, truly, connect with it. Myth provides us a way in.


Will there be ogres and trolls? ┬áPossibly, but you’ll have to come along on the journey to find out all that is waiting for you. No doubt, there will be music, laughter and marvelous discoveries, too.

Kit fee: 0 USD


  • blank journal
  • pen