Pattern Play

Taught by:

Jessica Marquez


Thursday, September 16th

Friday, September 17th

Experience level: Intermediate

This is pattern play with embroidery

In this class, we will explore bold stitching patterns, transferring techniques, and hand stitching. All of these skills allow us to customize and embellish our own garments. This is a powerful tool as the most sustainable garment is the one you already own.

Together we will revamp pieces of our wardrobe with hand embroidery in beautiful patterns for a refresh as well as a sweet reminder of our time together at Squam.

Class will begin by picking out patterns from several provided samples or creating your own*. Then, we will explore a variety of techniques that allow us to apply imagery to fabric, including experiments with several hand stitches such as sashiko.

Throughout the class, Jessica will share her deep knowledge of tips and tricks that make working with three-dimensional garments (which can be tricky to draw and stitch on) fun and successful.

In addition, Jessica will recommend the tools and materials, hand embroidery stitches and finishing techniques that help you to create a flawless finish inside the garment.

(*Advanced students will have the opportunity to draw their own patterns directly onto their garment).

ALL materials will be supplied in your kit.

Sashiko thread
Embroidery thread
Olympus Sashiko Needles
Embroidery Needles
Embroidery Hoop
Clover Chacopel Fabric Pencils
What you need to bring:
Please bring an article of clothing you’d like to embellish.  If possible bring several items so you are able to have some options. These techniques can be applied to all kinds of garments made of denim, twill, cotton, linen and even heavy weight jersey, like a hoodie. Avoid super thin stretchy materials.

Kit fee: 25 USD


ALL materials will be supplied.