Knitter’s Tool Kit

Taught by:

Gudrun Johnston


Friday June 7th

Experience level: Advanced Beginner

Of course we all have our preferences for what constitutes the perfect knitter’s tool kit. Maybe it is the scissors that belonged to your great-aunt, or the adorable needle gauge that was gifted to you from a dear friend or the perfect case for your stitch markers– we all have what makes our heart sing.

However, there is another kind of tool kit to be adding to: the essential know-how that can only be gained over years and years of knitting. Lucky for us, knitwear designer, Gudrun Johnston has a brand new offering for Squam this Spring: a project-based class that will cover all of her best tips and tricks that enhance every level of knitting. With this class, your knitting will increase in ease and savvy.

Best of all, this will not be a purely theoretical exercise.

In this class, you will be applying each of the lessons as you knit a mini version of Kirigami, a sweater Gudrun designed for Brooklyn Tweed’s Winter 2018 collection.

Together, you will focus on yoke garment construction and specifically cover techniques including:

  • different types of short rows
  • kitchener stitch (without the headache!)
  • magic loop
  • various styles of increases and decreases
  • German Twisted cast-on
  • and much more!

Previous sweater knitting experience not necessary, but students must know how to knit and purl in the round and basic increase/decrease stitches.

Whether you are brand new to sweater making
or a seasoned sweater-ette, Gudrun will share ways
to get the very best out of your knitting projects and add
many invaluable techniques to your knitter’s toolkit!

all photos thanks to Brooklyn Tweed

Kit fee: 0 USD


CLICK HERE for downloadable Materials PDF.