FALL2024 Tapping In

Tapping In

Taught by:

Anna Brones


Thursday, September 5th

Friday, September 6th

Experience level: All levels

In this workshop created specifically to take advantage of the natural beauty of Squam, Anna will lead us through a number of prompts outside that will activate our senses and deepen our connection to place. Then, we will head back into the classroom where we will tap on the sound + memory of that mini-excursion and integrate those sensations into our papercuts.

No worries if this is your first foray into papercutting—Anna will cover the fundamentals as we play with designs and shapes while building up paper cutting skills. But, that is just our starting point.

This is going to be a rich exploration of connection with botanical elements and the shapes, forms, and emotions we gather from the place around us. So be ready to draw, paint and write as we translate our thoughts, feelings and words onto the page. Through this creative work we will create a touchstone for later, a memory to tap back into once we are home again in our usual surroundings.

Then, before class ends, we will head back outside a second time so that we can create a temporary art installation for our pieces, making nature a part of our work.

Kit fee: 35



  • a mixed media sketchbook (Anna uses one from Stillman and Birn)
  • watercolors
  • paint brush(es)
  • pen(s)
  • any art and mark making supplies that you particularly like working with

KIT FEE: supplies ALL tools/paper/needs for paper cutting that you then get to keep and take home with you.