Writing Your Story

Taught by:

Clara Parkes


Thursday September 12th

Friday September 13th

Experience level: All Levels

“The most we can do is write
—intelligently, creatively, evocatively—
about what it is like living in the world at this time.”
– Oliver Sacks

Within each of us is a story aching to come out. In this fun and supportive workshop, you’ll learn techniques for tapping into your creativity and sharpening your narrative voice on a daily basis

Through writing prompts and creative exercises, readings and discussions, you’ll come away with tangible tools to refine your writing practice and tell the story that is uniquely yours.

This class is tailored towards every skill level, from published author to passionate person with a story to tell. Together you will embark on a journey, finding new ways to tell your unique story.

If you’d like to do a bit of preliminary reading (certainly not required, but could prove helpful) here are two suggestions:

The Art of Memoir, Mary Karr

On Writing, Stephen King.


Kit fee: 25 USD


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