Tinder + Spark

Taught by:

Ann Wood


Thursday September 12th

Friday September 13th

Experience level: All Levels

This is a class about sparking your creativity, learning how to notice and bypass ‘creative blocks’, and most importantly — play! With Ann’s guidance and a series of fabulous prompts, you are going to open the doors into the rich landscape of your imagination.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little
shift of approach or perspective.

Through a series of improvisational (and fun!) exercises, you will look for clues within your creative process of how to invite happenstance into your world. You will gain more clarity on your best approach to generate ideas and improvise on new projects. You will remember– and gain new skills– to  jump-start your creativity and, most importantly, continue the flow in your own personal practice.

The day begins with a most wonderful Mysterious Box. In this box is a small collection of materials gathered just for you– the ‘tinder’ to spark your imagination.

Although a box is limited in what it might contain, the possibilities within the box are endless. As the day progresses, Ann will provide guidelines to prompt as well as contain your creativity — because sometimes you need to know when to dead-head the flowers in order to let others bloom.

Your creativity is a chain; one thing leads to another if you let it and what is most exciting in the exploration is to discover what will you unearth at this time in your life.  What has been waiting for an opportunity to emerge?

Come with curiosity and leave with a heart that is humming with ideas and possibilities.

Kit fee: 20 USD


CLICK HERE for downloadable Materials PDF.