Thursday September 12th

Friday September 13th

Experience level: Intermediate

Multiplicity (noun)

1.a large number or great variety

2.the state of being multiple

Mary Jane is back with her favorite Fair Isle class, but this time you’re making socks! Have fun combining both sock knitting and stranded colorwork techniques to make a wee little sock.

  • This little sock is full of many new techniques. Together you’ll learn:
  • how to read colorwork charts
  • a simple heel turn technique that makes Fair Isle work easy and uninterrupted
  • ponder other heel turn alternatives
  • explore color combinations and how to choose colors that work best for stranded knitting

Fair Isle knitting allows for unlimited pattern experimentation and color exploration. The same pattern motifs look strikingly different when the shades are rearranged or alternate colorways are used.

Likewise, using the same colorway in different pattern motifs changes the way the colors appear.

Mystery and surprise await students in this revamped-for-2019 class from Mary Jane. She’ll school you in very basic color theory to help guide your endeavors, but only by knitting will you understand the principals.

To ensure a successful experience, students are required to have knit at least one pair of socks and some experience working stranded colorwork in the round in a small diameter piece.


Kit fee: none


CLICK HERE for downloadable Materials PDF.