Pieces of a Dream

Taught by:

Ekua Holmes


Thursday Sep 15
Friday Sep 16

Experience level: All Levels

Pieces of a Dream is a collage-based, mixed-media workshop that utilizes the process of pulling fragments and scraps together as a tool to break through creative blocks.

Because collage is a highly intuitive process, the cast off ephemera of daily life — receipts, bank slips, to-do lists, newspaper fliers, etc — aligns to create a personalized imagery. Whether you clip magazine photos and illustrations, newspaper advertising, or labels and sales slips, you will quickly find that collage serves as a metaphor for the layers of meaning that are buried just beneath the surface of our lives.

Not only is it powerful to recycle and form something of personal meaning out of discarded items, collage can also be a springboard for new directions in our work.

In this class, Ekua will explain how the stories of her life give narrative form to her paintings. Then, utilizing the abundance of ephemera on hand– magazine photos and illustrations, newspaper advertising, cut and torn decorative papers, etc– we will be prompted through a series of individual and collaborative exercises that will help us to explore and connect to the messages in our daily life which will form the basis of our composition.

More of Ekua’s work below



Kit fee: 20 USD


Kit Fee includes: all materials.

Optional materials to bring:

  • Students are encouraged to bring ephemera from home that has perosnal significance (personal items, photos, and papers).
  • Apron