Your Story

Taught by:

Julia Shipley


Thursday Sep 15 - CLOSED
Friday Sep 16

Experience level: All Levels


“We do not remember days, we remember moments” 
~ Cesare Pavese

Let’s paw through the “junk drawers” of our rich and varied lives in search of jewel-toned moments.

Let us find and celebrate those tiny, enormous incidents, those compelling, unshakable, mundane, extraordinary never to be repeated scenes that are undeniably part of who we are, whether or not we stopped and paid attention to how they shaped us at the time we experienced them.

This workshop is for writers with plenty of experience or none at all.  The only requirement is that you want to write about your life.  And, that you are game to follow a variety of writing exercises that will have you excavating long-forgotten treasures tucked deep in the far reaches of your memory.

Kit fee: 3 USD


  • Please bring something to write with (journal, sketch pad, laptop). No typewriters (sorry–too deliciously noisy).
  • 5 personal photos (preferably from different eras of your life)
  • 3-5 evocative* objects (should be no bigger than your hand).
  • And if all this “stuff” I’m requesting you bring freaks you out: just bring yourself. I specialize in helping the “I don’t know what to write” person tap into their torrent of words.

*By evocative, I mean an object that engages your imagination and feelings–could be a pebble, could be a purple heart; and finally, please bring one copy of a “document” of some kind (please don’t bring the rare original)– maybe a handwritten letter from a relative; maybe an x-ray; maybe a deed; or a mix tape from 1982; or your report card; or an electric bill; or your soil sample analysis from the extension service.– whatever it is, it should have some relevance to you.