Episode 74 : Em Falconbridge

There are people in this world who have such an open heart, generous spirit and radiant energy that you remember clearly when they came into your life. The goddess EM FALCONBRIDGE is one of those people for me. I think one of the many aspects I cherish about Em is her way of being so chill, so easy-going and yet DANG, the woman does so much!

A wife, mother of three, and uber successful entrepreneur, Em continues to inspire me with her creative approach to life and the way she nurtures circles of women wherever she ends up living — whether in her native Perth, Australia, Southern California or in her current digs in the woods of New Hampshire. I always knew her to be a wildly creative soul– making all sorts of unique piecesĀ from repurposed clothes and beloved textiles– but what I learned in chatting with her today is how fierce and strong her spirit is. She has come through so many challenges and, as you will hear, it has been her creativity and her commitment to beauty that has carried her through the toughest bits.

A world traveler who also creates the most inviting homes that provide sanctuary from the storms of life, Em has touched so many lives — including my own– in the sweetest, most empowering way.

A few years ago, Em and her friend Nicole began hosting retreats in Bali that sound utterly gorgeous. You can hear more about the details of how that came into being and how magical the experiences that she and Nicole create in our chat.

It was simply divine talking with her on this call and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I love how she embraces all of the experiences she has had with the full understanding that they are the direct source of her deep calm and wisdom.

bisous, xo

all photos courtesy of EM FALCONBRIDGE