Episode 73 : Hannah Garrison

Here’s a thing: I highly recommend a new party game where you start a conversation with a friend as if you are on a podcast. Why? Because, omg– no matter what you think you know about your friend– you will hear SUCH wild tales– well, if your friend is Hannah “Wise-Heart” Garrison, you will.

What I knew about HANNAH GARRISON prior to this call was that she has a huge heart, adorable husband, two kids that could have their own reality show (they are that funny) and if she is not moving into a new home or office space, she seems to always be launching a new business.* The woman makes me look like a turtle on muscle relaxants. Yes, she is all that. But, there’s more.

As you will hear, this is one of those people in the world who lived LARGE. She was raised in NYC and let that rich, diverse, energetic culture inform the choices of her early wild life.  I know Hannah to have a powerful mind and spirit so I really shouldn’t be surprised that her late teens and early twenties would be infused with travel, adventure and a whole host of experience. But I was. And, enthralled. As a church mouse myself– I was just so dazzled by her fierce, brave approach to life.

I guess now I know where at least 50% of her sweet kids’ crazy brilliant originality comes from!

Take a listen and see if you aren’t a bit inspired to follow where your heart leads.

bisous, xo

* Hannah owns two businesses:  CALM-A-MAMA and Wear Your Music

All photos courtesy of Hannah Garrison