Episode 54 :: Ysolda Teague


She’s beautiful, confident and absurdly talented. She’s goofy, wild and fun. She’s courageous, heart-centered, ridiculously smart and dedicated to making the world a better place. There’s really very little she cannot do.

If she began selling capes with a giant Y on them,
they’d sell out in the first hour.

I’ve known YSOLDA TEAGUE for many years. She has taught at Squam both in New Hampshire and at our SquamItalia! gathering. She even offered an online workshop with us that sold out in 8 seconds flat — but I have to tell you, more than her dazzling design and knitting skills, the fact that she is a superb photographer or her ability to grow and manage a vibrant, cutting-edge company or her capacity to make people laugh — my deep admiration for Ysolda is rooted in her active commitment to family, friends and community.

ysolda_2ysolda_3Case in point: on her birthday, Ysolda sent 34% of all profits to Stonewall UK and the British Red Cross Refugees in Europe Crisis Campaign.

She wrote, “in uncertain economic times, and as so many are being made to feel unwelcome in this country and around the world they need our help more than ever.”


In our chat today, Ysolda shares some background on how she came to offer her own yarns and then we get to hear what about her life growing up in Edinburgh and the influences that have helped shaped her life, so far.

We barely got started and I had to wrap it up– so we’ll be sure to have another Morning on the Dock with her since she also has a reincarnation “woo-woo” story for me I forgot to ask about. 🙂

bisous, Elizabeth

all photos courtesy of Ysolda Teague