Episode 39 :: Brienne Moody

Imagine a life on the northern shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota where your days are filled with knitting and sewing all the while raising two beautiful children with your artist/carpenter husband. It’s not a dream.

At least not for BRIENNE MOODY. Or, wait– perhaps it is a dream come true?


I adore following Brienne on IG and her blog because she is so generous in how she shares her gorgeous work and, she will often offer terrific book recommendations. It feels to me that Brienne reads almost as much as she knits (which is a LOT — this is a woman who knits even when she has the flu!) I love how clear and direct her assessments of her books are. She does not mess around.

Her forthright honesty is not limited to book review. As much as I might romanticize her life, she does not. She is quite upfront with the fact that living in such a remote area has its own challenges.

But this pointy shoreline and I, we have a tenuous kinship. I remain here because I am desperately in love with a boy that I met here and a boy that I grew here who are both blissfully entangled with the landscape and with its extraordinary occupants.

brienne_3Mostly, I am so grateful to all the beauty and magic she shares
because it nurtures my life so deeply. For me,
Brienne is a role model of someone who has cultivated
the canvas of daily life into living, breathing art.

And, damn if she doesn’t make some super pretty things!

In the podcast above, our conversation wanders all over — but it always comes back to the importance of listening to your own heart.

bisous, Elizabeth

ALL PHOTOS courtesy of Brienne Moody