Episode 37 :: Kimberly Wilson

Chatting with KIMBERLY WILSON is always a pleasure— we may have grown up in very different parts of this country– Kimberly grew up in Oklahoma, I grew up in Pennsylvania– but we are so deeply connected on key aspects of living: meditation, yoga, art, writing, Paris, dogs, loving being in nature, nourished by small city culture and on and on and on . . .


Yet, Kimberly is truly one of a kind.

In this conversation you will hear me gushing a bit but that’s because I have been fortunate enough to spend time with Kimberly at Squam and she has had a huge, important impact on my journey.

She is so generous, open and kind.

See? Am gushing.

d5757d01-645b-4d67-ac86-ca28671d7bd7I adore how many sides of her personality she has nurtured: business woman, published author, yogi, social worker, animal advocate, artist, and podcaster extraordinaire.

She is a genuine pioneer in so many respects.

In fact— Kimberly has been offering a gorgeous podcast since 2005!

That’s 11 years of fabulous recordings for you to enjoy if you haven’t already checked them out.

I was a guest in 2011 and it is kind of a kick to listen back to it now— I always wonder about my younger self and tend to imagine the worst— but I was happily surprised to hear myself share bits of my journey that continue to resonate as truth for me.

You can check it out HERE: TRANQUILITY du JOUR
My conversation with Kimberly is Creative Living #215 

But right now? Take a listen to where our most recent conversation wandered.

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bisous, Elizabeth