Episode 32 :: Joelle and Page of Purl Soho

This morning I am actually WRITING to you from the dock!

We are at Squam for the June gathering and everyone is off in classes as I share this lovely conversation with Joelle Hoverson and Page Norman of Purl Soho.

It is very hard to get a photo of these uber busy women who keep rather a quiet, low-profile out in the world of social media, so I am grateful to be able to share this one below courtesy of JOHN DOLAN.


Pictured above is the Purl Soho team with Joelle’s sister, Jen Hoverson Jahnke, on the left. Page Marchese Norman on the right. And Joelle Hoverson, center.

There is a sweet synchronicity to today’s timing as Purl Soho has been a HUGE supporter of Squam since the beginning and the love and nurturance I have personally received from Joelle and Page has helped me keep steady on this path that has sometimes felt uncertain and rocky. When you have people in your corner cheering you on, people that you admire to the ends of the earth for the business THEY have created, it is, most indeed, a very good thing. 🙂

Page and Joelle are both true heroes of mine and I am honored that they would take the time out of their very busy lives to chat with me so that you could get to hang out with them, too.

One of the most striking parts of their story is the deep friendship that is at the heart of their amazing business. Joelle and Page are best friends AND biz partners.

photos courtesy of Purl Soho
photos courtesy of Purl Soho

They first met when they were working at Martha Stewart Living and sharing an office space. You will hear more about that in the podcast — and other bits of their journey.


A few years ago I shared another glimpse of how much I revere their aesthetic and what they have created — you can read that here: Simply Perfect.

Of course, the only irony in all of this is that Page and Joelle are always TOO busy to break away and come up to join us at the lake . . . but I hold out the hope that one day I can woo them up here for some sweet rest, creative rejevenation that they so richly deserve. Meantime — enjoy this little convo we had together.

bisous, Elizabeth