Episode 26 :: Felicia Semple

Imagine if you will, a police drama where the inspector comes to the house of the missing woman and asks her family for a photograph that will help them with the investigation — so, you know, they can see what she LOOKS LIKE — and all the family has are images of a beautifully dressed, headless woman!


However, I will forgive FELICIA SEMPLE this lopping off of her head habit since her IG feed is so freaking beautiful I want to throw the dogs in a suitcase, board a plane to Melbourne Australia and move into her guest room just so I can live in her world. I’m sure she’d be fine with that– I’d totally help out around the house.

Seriously, I wanted to post every single photo she has shared here, but that would be silly, obvs — so in the unlikely event you are not already familiar with this superb maker, inspiring stylist and supremely lovely woman — hie thee to her IG feed and sink into the beauty.

photo credit: Christine Chitnis
photo credit: Christine Chitnis

I first met Felicia when she came to Squam a few years ago. She has a wicked sense of humor and the most wonderful easy-going nature — is that an Aussie thing? Are all Aussies super chill?

All I know is that she dazzles me with all that she does. For me, she is truly living the handmade wardrobe lifestyle so many of us aspire to. And, she SHARES so generously her tips, ideas and projects keeping her devoted fans endlessly inspired. I also know that in my next lifetime I want to come back as her daughter because, hello — have you SEEN this kid’s wardrobe?

C’mon, you’re killing me.



Plus they always look like they are having so much fun.

I think that is just how Felicia is, she creates fun, light and ease wherever she goes. She has created the most beautiful annual retreat: The Craft Sessions, which is another reason I am dreaming of traveling to Australia.

Right now, the timing doesn’t line up for me, but one of these days . . . .



Meantime, I am loving that I get to chat with her today and hear all about how she created this crafting lifestyle AND all about the wedding dress!!! . .

bisous, Elizabeth

PHOTOS courtesy of Felicia Semple