Rosa Pomar

Rosa Pomar has been a knitter all her life, learning from relatives, books, old ladies in remote villages and trial and error

For over ten years she has been roaming her country – Portugal – collecting information on wool and knitting wherever she can find it, making friends with transhumant shepherds in the mountains of Serra da Estrela, knitting socks with umbrella spokes in Alentejo and spending long hours in the library in Lisbon.

Some of her research resulted in the publishing of the first book on the history and traditions of knitting in Portugal (Malhas Portuguesas, which will be out in English next year).

Rosa’s work has also been about raising awareness for the interest and value of wool from native Portuguese sheep breed through the development of her own locally sourced and manufactured line of yarns.

Rosa lives in Lisbon with her three children and is a proud backyard farmer.