Natalie Miller

30_360_310_natalie_miller_360I have been painting, drawing, making, creating and taking photos for as long as I can remember! My mother was a professional dressmaker and macramé maker, my grandmother a knitter, I have grown up around textiles all my life.

I am a registered architect, interior designer, and textile artist living in the beautiful Southern Highlands an environment of constant inspiration.

I found that working in a modern western society, that my occupation had become very dependent by computers and technology. Unlike earlier years where drawing and designing on a drafting board, and endless hours of designing, colouring in and making models became overwritten by computer 3D renderings and CAD drafting. I was losing the sense of creating objects with my hands in the real world. I needed to make things and regain a sense of touch.

If I am not making things I don’t feel fulfilled. I find craft is very satisfying and meditative.

I love to explore the different techniques of textiles, especially in weaving and macramé. Textile art has an enormous relationship with interior architecture. I try to explore textiles and how they can transform into an architectural space and compliment one another.

I hand dye all my wool from Australian grown and milled wool. I also source the best rope and materials all over our planet.

Meet Natalie HERE in the wonderful Australian Post commercial.