Joetta Maue

I am a teacher, artist and maker.

My life as an artist began as a photographer. Then, while pursuing my MFA with a concentration in photography, I fell into working with embroidery and immediately felt home. I have been stitching ever since.

What I value most about the handmade is its innate imperfection- that is exactly what makes it beautiful. I love working with stained, worn out, found domestic linens as they are always witness to the home, the family and the complicated act of loving.

As a teacher, I encourage and value play & experimentation. For me, art and the act of making should be a practice of invention; we must take risks, embrace flaws and speak honestly.

My work has been shown widely throughout galleries and museums across the country & internationally.
It is featured in numerous books, including Indie Craft and Push Stitchery, exhibition catalogues, and journals, including the SDA journal, Martha Stewart Living and Fiber Art Now.

In addition, I am an independent curator and regular contributor to the Surface Design Journal and the online journal Mr. X Stitch.

My own well-loved blog focuses on my studio practice and celebrates contemporary art and craft.

I live, love, make, drink too much coffee, hula hoop and surya namaskar in Somerville, MA with my husband, adorable son, two cats and way too many houseplants.