Jody Alexander

30_360_310_jody_360Jody Alexander is an artist, bookbinder, librarian and teacher who lives and works in Santa Cruz, California.

Her artwork celebrates collecting, storytelling, and odd characters. Her characters, books, sculptural pieces and found items are often combined to create installations. If she were a writer she would use words to write their stories but she is not, so she creates their books, clothes and household items that inhabit their environments.

Currently, she is enamored with slow stitching, visible mending and Japanese Boro Textiles. Hand stitching and repair show evidence of hand, care, worth and vast unmined stories. Real-life characters!

Her work appears in a number of publications including Masters: Book Arts: Major Works by Leading Artist, 500 Handmade Books, and 1000 Artists’ Books: Exploring the Book as Art. Jody is the 2015 recipient of the Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship. She is also proprietress of Wishi Washi Studio in Santa Cruz, CA.