Jenny Brown

Over the past two decades, I have been making art which questions our long held understandings of time, space, energy, and matter. With a focus on visualizing the most lush & ethereal phenomena of the natural world, my collages and drawings are first and foremost celebrations of the ongoing physical and spiritual evolution of our universe.

As an artist who sees the process of creating art as non-linear, I find that I experience the past, present, and future lives of my subjects all simultaneously. The use of layered antique collage, which comes into my process with its own rich history, provides a building block for illustrating the complexities of what was, what is, and what could be.

I am a 1996 graduate of Bennington College and received my MFA in 2005 from The School of Visual Arts, where I focused on the study of painting, drawing, and collage. I moved to Rhode Island in 2008, and currently work out of an antique and vintage paper filled studio in Providence’s Olneyville neighborhood. Over the past year my work has been shown at The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, NE, Drive-by Projects in Watertown, MA, & the 2022 Superfine Art Fair DC. My collages were also featured in Photo Trouvée Magazine”s recent publication “Echos of Yesterday,” as well as the Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Humana Obscura magazine.