Adam Barralet

Adam Barralet is the author of a much beloved book within the SQMlove community: Gifts of the Essential Oils. He is one of Australia’s premier spiritual teachers, adept at working with crystals, along with essential oils, animal guides, tarot and astrology.

His life’s work is to help individuals strengthen their connection with the natural world so that they may amplify the wellness and vitality of those around them.

Adam Barralet has been observing and living in tune with nature since childhood. Growing up amongst the bushland and wildlife of the hills in Western Australia and residing in various locations around the world has presented Adam with diverse opportunities to access extensive and eclectic teachings about the secrets of Mother Earth. He has a passionate curiosity for the messages of the plant world and adores diving into the depths of their love. He has a unique gift to simplify and personify each plant, and the essential oils they gift, to bring their individuality to life for you.

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