West Water VIDEO TUTORIAL – Sarah Waldo Jagger

Fortune favors the brave. It also has shown up for us today in the great, good luck that we live in the same town as Sarah Waldo Jagger. If you have been wanting to make this tunic but still feeling a bit tentative, having Sarah by your side will clear those fears away.

Sarah received her BFA from Parsons School of Design and began her career at Ralph Lauren. Since 2005 she has designed and produced her own line of organic children’s clothes. Imagine having someone like that to walk you through the sewing of your tunic!

Did we mention she is also sweet as pie? (Her 4-month old daughter was napping as we filmed this!)

With Sarah by your side you will sew a tunic that you love and have FUN doing it. No struggle, no strain – just a marvelous experience of making your very own clothes. Plus your confidence will grow by leaps and bounds as everything you learn will serve you well for your next sewing adventure.

And no worries if you don’t want to start right away. Once you purchase this tutorial it is available to you forever!

Through a series of easy-to-follow videos, Sarah will walk you through each step of making the West Water Tunic so that in a matter of hours you can be wearing your custom piece.


Of course, if you are an experienced seamstress you might not need this at all. But for anyone like me that is really excited to try to make this beautiful tunic and wants some step-by-step assistance, this tutorial was made for you.

Let nothing get in the way of adding a perfectly tailored tunic to your wardrobe!




350tunicThis is really the BEST part of all. Your guarantee of a perfectly made tunic is this video tutorial with SARAH WALDO JAGGER.

Once you purchase this tutorial, you have access to it forever.

With Sarah by your side, you can enjoy step-by-step help and experience how easy and fun making the WEST WATER TUNIC can be!

Sarah is an expert and having her on your team makes everything better. She has made a number of these tunics in all different fabrics so she really knows the ins and outs and how to help you get perfect results.

In addition to the video, there are photographs and instructions to follow to support you every step of the way.

*Once purchased, you will be directed to a downloadable PDF with all of the log in information needed to access the tutorial.

Your instructor: Sarah Waldo Jagger

Inspired by her carefree childhood spent climbing trees (sometimes while wearing party dresses) and practicing the art of being a mermaid on Cape Cod, Sarah believes that clothes can be beautiful and comfortable, easy and whimsical, classic and modern.

Sarah is a professional clothing designer, you can see more of her work at SARAH WALDO ORGANICS

Sarah began design and production of her organic children’s collection in 2005. After several successful seasons, Sarah transitioned from production of full, multi-season collections to a new line of custom flower girl and special occasion dresses.

Sarah’s heirloom-quality pieces are designed with a European sensibility and are meticulously constructed by hand in New England.

Sarah received her BFA from Parsons School of Design and began her career at Ralph Lauren.

Sarah splits her time between her home and studio in Providence, RI and her childhood home on Cape Cod. These days, she spends most of her free time sewing and knitting for her young daughter, Emily.


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*Once purchased, you will be emailed a downloadable PDF with all of the log in information needed to access the tutorial.