Plant Magic Journal

We have a beautiful new offering
grounded in healing and creativity:

Over the past two plus years, it has been increasingly more challenging to find our center and to sustain our balance from that grounded place. We have all needed to nurture our mental and physical health more than ever if we are to be strong, vibrant, and feel that deep connection to our best self.

Come back home to yourself with the
magic of plants, creativity + connection

Plant Magic Journal is designed to be custom fit to your needs, your schedule, your body—your life. The natural world does have the greatest healing powers for us to restore physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It honestly isn’t magic, it just feels that way.

We have chosen to center our work around the making of a rich, inspiring journal which will serve—not only as a fabulous place to play, record notes, and experiment with mixed media techniques throughout the workshop—it will continue to be a superb resource to you in the months and years following the course as it is made and designed by YOU and thus, the information within it is completely tailored to your exact needs, preferences and interests.

In addition to the monthly offerings, there will be spontaneous live art journal jams, plus a host of wildly fun creative journaling activity. Our community is abundant with people who have years of experience working with essential oils;  they will be on hand to share their knowledge, love of plants and best practices.

Our goal is that you have everything you need to be empowered on this self-paced study.

WHAT: a fun, creative, informative, and playful twelve-month offering to nurture a fluency with the power of essential oils and develop a creative journaling practice. This combo can be powerfully life-changing in the very best of ways (read: magical!)

WHERESquamlove Community

  • A creative online community without any of the noise or distraction of ads or algorithms
  • A place for conversations, sharing videos, posting our work in galleries, chats, DMs
  • A safe space that is welcoming to ALL who wish to show up with kindness and curiosity

WHEN:  ongoing :: join anytime

Why twelve months? This allows us the space, grace, measured pace.We can join in when it works best for us and proceed at a rhythm that is aligned with our schedule.

Twelve months allows us to go in deeply to the many powerful ways of using oils for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Time is needed for true understanding and having direct experience. Time is also necessary if we are to develop respect and appreciation for these precious, sacred oils.

All the class materials and videos are available to you 24/7 and you can watch as often as you like.

Through out each month, all year long, we have the opportunity to share our work, our discoveries, and connect with people from all around the world who are keen to put health and creativity at the center of their life.

Because mental and physical and emotional health is at an all-time premium. Clearly, we are living through a time of social and political upheaval in the midst of a global pandemic and climate change. And this is on top of the normal stresses and strains of daily life. If we are going to have a positive impact on the world at large, we must ensure our own well-being is actively nurtured.


Em Falconbridge + Elizabeth Duvivier + Donni Webber


There is no charge for the offering itself.
However, each of us is responsible for registering at the Squamlove site and having core materials on hand:

  • a blank journal
  • Aroma Essentials oils kit*
  • sundry art supplies
  • access to internet

*order on your own account if you are already a doTERRA member – message us if you need help or if you have an inactive account you want to reactivate so you can be eligible for the ephemera goodies**.

If you have never purchased doTERRA oils before, CLICK HERE for easy one-stop shopping

**There is a special gift for the first 40 people who
are purchasing oils for the first time, each of you will
receive a package from Elizabeth’s studio filled
with paper ephemera for mixed-media magic .

PLUS EXTRA goodies!

  • Every month there will be extra treats in store for us that will involve some wonderful guest artists and makers. It is going to be a fabulous year of connection, creativity, increased health and empowered spirit.

The secrets are in the plants.
To elicit them, you have to love them enough.
– George Washington Carver





Your instructor: Em Donni Elizabeth


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How much is this workshop?

There is no charge for this 12-month workshop!
All that is needed is the Aroma Essentials oil kit and to join the online SQUAMLOVE Community

What do I need to do this workshop?

A blank journal and a pen or pencil. Of course, to dive in and make your journal rich and lovely, we encourage the use of markers, stamps, collage materials, stickers, washi tape etc. Basically, any art supplies you enjoy working with.

A computer or ipad to watch the videos on.

Do I need any previous experience to take this workshop?

Not at all. Just bring an open heart and a love of play.

What can I expect to get out of this workshop?

Greater clarity, ease and comfort in your daily life. A strong connection with other creatives. A fabulous, rich resource (that you created specifically for your physical, mental, emotional + spiritual needs!) that you can reference for years to come. Deeper connection with the natural world.

How will I connect with Elizabeth and Em and other people taking the class?

Within the SQUAMLOVE Community, we have a private group dedicated to this class so we can easily share sketches, drawings, spilled coffee, exciting results, experiments, ideas, encouragement and loads of inspiration. Within the community it is easy to DM one another including Em, Elizabeth and Donni, but you can also comment on people’s posts as well as share your own which leads to all sorts of conversations.

When does it begin?

Class begins August 1, 2022 and it will finish on July 31, 2023.

How long will the workshop be available to me once I have signed up?

The workshop will remain open and available so you can go review lessons plus watch and re-watch videos as much as you like.

What if I get behind?

There is only your perfect pace. You can’t fall behind because you get to weave the practice into your life as best suits you.

Do I need high speed internet?

Yes, you do.

Am I able to access course materials and videos using my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, all of the course materials and videos are compatible with mobile-friendly devices and tablets.

Once I sign up can I change my mind and get a refund?

Alas, no. There are no refunds once you have purchased the oil kit. You can always cancel your membership at the SQUAMLOVECommunity, but there is no refund.

Why do I have to have that kit when I have my own oils?

Just like in any art class, we have grounded the curriculum around these specific oils in order to maximize the learning we can do in twelve months. You are always welcome to add your oils to the mix, but this base set is the only requisite for this offering.