FALL2021 A Brioche Starter

A Brioche Starter

Taught by:

Andrea Mowry


Thursday, September 16th

Experience level: Intermediate

Ha! No– this is not a baking class, but we can see how you might think that as in addition to being an outrageously inspiring brioche knitter, Andrea is also trained as a professional baker.

What this workshop is all about, is getting you started in brioche knitting and learning from someone who loves using this fabulous stitch in many of her designs. When you can add the super squishy brioche stitch to your knitting skillset, a whole new world of texture, colorplay, and fun opens up. Be advised, after taking this class, you may go down the rabbit hole of all the ways you can use brioche and wonder how you ever knit without it. It can be quite addicting, in the best of ways.

This class will focus on learning brioche knit and brioche purl stitches. It is an ideal fit for students who have never done brioche before, or have attempted it without success. Andrea is a consummate teacher who happens to adore brioche so you will leave grounded in confidence.

And, she will have loads of her samples for you to examine up close so that you can be inspired in all the ways this technique can be used in knitting designs.

Students need to be very comfortable : knitting, purling, yarn-over, and slip stitch

Skill Level: Intermediate; the student should be comfortable with the following techniques: knit, purl, yarnovers and slipping stitches

Please bring with you:

  • 2 colors of worsted weight yarn
  • size 7 or 8 – 24” to 32” circular needle
  • locking stitch marker
  • pen or pencil
  • highlighter tape is handy!

Kit fee: 0


CLICK HERE for a downloadable pdf.