Your Perfect Sweater - Ysolda Teague


Your Perfect Sweater :: with Ysolda Teague 

4 - 22 March 2013  (*with a Bonus Week Until 29 March!)


Your Perfect Sweater :: An Online Workshop with Ysolda

Ysolda may have been kidding around when she suggested describing herself as “the foremost authority and consultant on construction and style in knitting,” but we aren’t.

As most of you know, this wildly creative Scottish designer has revolutionized the approach to a custom fit and now she is sharing all her hard won knowledge with you in a gorgeous online workshop that begins March 4, 2013.

This is the very first time Ysolda has offered an online workshop and we are thrilled to make this available to you.

Not only do you get to step into her fabulous studio in Edinburgh where the lessons were filmed, you get one-on-one help and feedback from Ysolda over the course of the four-week program.  If you’ve ever put off knitting sweaters because of the math involved, this is the ideal class for you!  Ysolda breaks it all down and helps you see how the math is the secret weapon that will empower you beyond measure.

In a clear, step-by-step method, Ysolda will walk you through the three key elements  -- fabric, dimensions and shaping -- that ensure a sweater both fits and flatters (it may also make you squeal with glee when you hold the finished product in your hands, but then, again, you might be the type who only squeals on the inside).  Either way, the most challenging aspects of creating beautiful garments will be de-mystified once and for all.  And, you will have the skills to succeed again (and again) with future knitting projects.  

Oh, and did we mention you get to hang out with the irrepressible and brilliant Ysolda for four weeks Yeah, that doesn’t sound like too much fun now, does it?

Over the course of the workshop she will explore selecting a yarn to create just the right fabric for your sweater. And, you will learn how to evaluate the properties of different fibers with regard to their drape, elasticity, softness and hardwearing. 

Also, as part of the class, Ysolda is gifting you her new Blank Canvas sweater pattern (pictured here). The pattern will be released 2-3 weeks before class starts so that you have time to find some yarn, but since the class will be primarily about planning a sweater you don't need to knit a stitch before class begins. Of course, if you prefer, you can choose to look at any pattern you like during the class but this pattern is intended to be a simple introduction to modifying patterns

Even if the word ‘swatch’ makes you break out in hives, Ysolda will work her magic so that you may find you come to love swatching just as much as she does.   When you follow Ysolda’s approach, swatching becomes a fun and decidedly creative part of the entire process. 

With Ysolda providing advice and consultation at every juncture, you will learn how to ensure your pattern and yarn make the perfect partnership.

Best of all—there will be an open forum in the last week of the workshop where Ysolda will answer questions and share an inside look at her newest designs.

As always, there will be a limited class size to ensure everyone gets to connect directly with Ysolda and with one another as making new friendships is always one of the most treasured parts of joining a knitting circle. 

So if you are looking to create YOUR PERFECT SWEATER—this class was designed just for you.


How it works...

Your Perfect Sweater will be held in our password protected, private blog space here on the Squam site. We will send you login information the weekend prior to the workshop start date and you will be able to access it whenever it feels best for your schedule. 

Ysolda will be posting every weekday morning (Scotland time) over the four weeks of the workshop. Each day will be different but she'll be sharing video lessons some days (at least once a week, but at times more often) along with text in support of the video. Other days will be text and photo based, giving detailed tutorials and examples of the shaping techniques discussed in the videos. You can apply the techniques covered in the class to any sweater you'd like to make, and you'll have lots of opportunities to get Ysolda's advice for specific garments.

It's often easiest to try out modifications on a simple garment so as part of the class you'll receive a copy of a new pattern from Ysolda that's the perfect blank canvas. We'll use this pattern for examples in class that you can work through to create the perfect fit for your own body. Also, because the class size will be limited, Ysolda will be present in discussions and sharing.

We also plan on a weekly recorded live chat or video call (still deciding the best format!) so Ysolda can answer specific questions. (**please note** you will be able to participate at your own pace and on your own schedule. Videos and lessons will go up each day, but you can watch them and share your input when it is best for you. We will leave the site up and available to you until 15 June.).

We'll also have private NING group created and this is where you will be able to check-in with Ysolda and each other about your progress ans ask questions. It’s also a beautiful place to connect and support one another as you are learning. Not familiar with NING? Click on "Community" in our navigation on the right and join our Squam NING group. It's like Facebook without all the icky advertising. The beauty of all of this is that it means the workshop is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime...and you will have the opportunity to meet many people from around the world who will be joining you on this adventure.  


What You Need...

Knitting Skill Level: Intermediate - you don't need to have made a sweater before but you should be comfortable with:knitting in the round, including small circumferences on dpns, magic loop, or two circulars, a variety of increase and decrease methods, and reading patterns

Yarn + Needles - At a minimum to try out the techniques covered in class you'll need yarn for swatching and circular needles in a few sizes appropriate for your yarn. Yarn requirements for the Blank Canvas pattern will be provided when the pattern is released so that you can gather your materials before class starts - don't worry, you don't need to knit a stitch for anything specific before class begins!

You'll also want to have basic knitting notions like stitch markers, scissors, a ruler and darning needle to hand.

Tape measure and a buddy - We'll cover taking your measurements in class but it's really important to find someone else to take them for you - I wish you could do it yourself but it really is impossible, even if you're a contortionist! 

Pens / pencils, graph paper and a calculator - You'll probably want to make lots of notes and doodle when we start talking about shaping, graph paper can be a great way to plan out your shaping. Ysolda will share some resources for knitting specific graph paper that you can print out but a notebook with gridlines is also useful. The math we'll cover is really pretty easy, but if you don't have fond memories of learning your multiplication tables you might want to have a calculator handy. 

A digital camera - This is absolutely not a requirement for taking the class, but it will allow you to share photos of your progress, things that aren't quite working out or sweaters you've made in the past.If you've got any pictures of sweaters that didn't turn out quite as you hoped we'd love to see them - failures make for great stories and Ysolda can offer constructive critique that should help you're next sweater. And, of course, we'd love to see any sweaters you finish after taking the class.

Don't worry though, you're not expected to knit a whole sweater within the class time period! 


About Ysolda

Ysolda TeagueYsolda Teague is a young Scottish designer who lives and works in Edinburgh. Although she loves to knit all kinds of projects and has written several pattern books for accessories, her passion is creating sweaters that are interesting to make and flattering to wear. Her book Little Red in the City is both a reference for successful sweater knitting and a pattern book that uniquely showed the garments on models of different shapes and sizes. Since publishing the book she has travelled widely helping knitters to create garments that they love. Now she's excited about sharing everything she's learned with you, who knows she might even convince you to share her love of swatching.