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Let me first say, many thanks for your patience.

 (We all know that this should really be titled "under the wire" . . .)


It's a funny thing.  I have kept a personal blog for over four years where I prattle on about this, that, and the other without the slightest modicum of self-consciousness.  And yet, one of the reasons this blog was so late in being started (I fully admit, it was built and ready to go more than a week ago) is that I'm not quite sure where to begin or how to get my footing here.

Part of the issue is that I see this as a collaboration with all of you-- more of an open forum where I can address questions and ideas about the upcoming workshops as well as share photographs and information about the area.  So, let me start by responding to the three most frequently asked questions.

1.  Is there still room left

Yes.  Although some of the classes are close to being full, as of this morning, we still have space in each of the classes.  Once the class is full, we will make note of that on both the registration page of the website and at the class listing.

(Please note, as indicated on the registration page, all single rooms have sold out).

2.  I don't understand the schedule.  Do I take two classes each day, one in the morning one in the afternoon

Sorry for the confusion.  There are three days of workshops.  Each day is six hours long with an hour for lunch midday.  There is a three-hour session in the morning and a three-hour session in the afternoon.

Each day is one class.  However, there are two exceptions to this:

 First, Nina Bagley's class "Shared Inspirations" is a 3-day event.  So if you sign up for Nina's class you are in it all three days:  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Second, Wendy Ellertson's "Personal Mythic Figures" offers both a 2-day class and a single day class.  For example, you could take the more in-depth version that runs Thursday and Friday.  Or, you could take the one-day version of "Personal Mythic Figures" on Saturday.

Below is an example of how a typical class schedule shapes up:

Thursday:  Painting as Process with Lisa Occhipinti

Friday:  The Language of Color with Susan Schwake

Saturday:  Only Young Once with Lizzie Skurnick

3.  Can I be in the same room/cabin with my friend/sister/mom?

Absolutely.  We will always do our very best to accommodate this request.  If you  have a roommate or cabin-mate preference, please make sure that each person involved in this request notes this clearly when they send in their registration.

Queries and comments are always welcome.  Send to:  elizabethATsquamartworkshopsDOTcom

Future posts will include more information about what's nearby the RDC campus such as best places to go antiquing or foraging through second-hand stores, best places to get maple syrup and homemade ice cream, and favorite scenic attractions.  We will also have a regular feature here that will highlight each of the 2008 teachers and the people behind the scenes of SAW called More About . . . ..  So, stay tuned for that.

And, let me just say we are thrilled with the response to this event and feel that it is going to be a most magical gathering.

And, yes-- now that the blog is live, the message board can't be far behind, non?

Bisous, Elizabeth

P.S.  Be sure to check out our fabulous "Artist of the Week," 


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